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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your store hours?

What is your return policy?

How long will shipping take?

What is the cost of shipping?

Do you offer layaway?

Do you do holds?

What items are you currently accepting?

How does your buying work?

What is the authentication process?

How do I know an items is authentic?

What if some items are not approved upon in-person inspection and/or they come back as inauthentic?

I consigned my item, when can I expect to see it on the website?

How do your buyers determine pricing?

Will I still receive payment if my item sells online?

How do I use my store credit online?

When can I pick up my unsold items?

How does your Wishlist operate?

When and how will I be paid out if my online submission is accepted?

How do I purchase through instagram?

What are VIP rates?

Can we ship the items we want to sell? How does it work?

What brands do you accept?

Can I pick-up in store?

Where do you get your items from?

Do you ship worldwide?

Are all your items on your website?

Is everything second hand?

Can I make an offer?

Who pays duties/ taxes on international shipping?

What are your condition standards?

Are Gift Cards available?

Do you offer home visits/pickup?

How can I keep in touch with Mine & Yours?

Which currency will I be charged for online orders?