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What's in your dream closet?

Coveting Couture? Wishing for some Alexander Wang? Longing for Louboutins?

Mine & Yours is here to help! We keep a running "wish list" for our customers. Let us know what you're looking for and we will call you the moment it comes in. We get new goodies in 3 days a week and are pretty big on the Law of Attraction so we're sure to make you a fashion match in no time! 

The current No 1 Wish List item is.......... 


Christian Louboutin shoes!

What's your YOUR Wish List?


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Marissa L - February 17, 2018

Logo Gucci belt in brown or black!

Lindsay taberner - November 10, 2017

White chanel blazer like the two sold as part of a suit (white pearl and\or white + black). Prefer classic tweed, will purchase the suit set if needed

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