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"A women with good shoes is never ugly" - Coco Chanel

Chanel rocked the fashion world in 1957 with her introduction of her iconic two-toned shoe. The black cap-toe was meant to shorten the foot, while the beige leather body of the shoe melted into the skin, lengthening the leg. 

The House of CHANEL continues to produce the classic two-toned shoe in various reincarnated forms, every year. 

Mine & Yours has this pair of lovely, classic CHANEL two-toned pumps in store now:

Size 38 CHANEL classic pumps for sale at Mine & Yours. $395


Of course, the House of CHANEL continues to rock the fashion world to this day, also producing cutting-edge styles, like these gladiator sandals, also available in-store:

CHANEL navy blue gladiator sandals, size 38, new with dust bag. $395 available at Mine & Yours.


Which CHANEL shoes do you prefer? Old or new? 

January 30, 2014 by Courtney Watkins
Tags: inspo


angy jamison

angy jamison said:

any chance you have 8-8.5 in the grey coco chanel gladiator sandals???:)

Sweet bea

Sweet bea said:

Hy have you got it in black?!?otherways i want to buy it …let me know please and what i have to do ;)many thanks


Mimi said:


Is the Chanel sandal size 38 still available?

Thank you,


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