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Mine & Yours at Girls Raising - "It's a great time to be a woman!"

"Act like a lady. Raise like a boss."


That was the opening quote at the most recent Girls Raising event, which took place at HootSuite headquarters in Vancouver last month. 


In the male-dominated world of startups, Girls Raising is a networking and investment group that gives women entrepreneurs a platform and a voice. Based in New York, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto, Girls Raising was created to assist ambitious female founders in starting, building, funding and growing their businesses. 


Jigme Love and Courtney Watkins, partners of Mine & Yours, were honoured to be one of four promising female-founded businesses invited to present their business models to a panel of female venture capitalists and a live audience of like-minded female entrepreneurs and businesswomen. 


Check out how it went in this video: 


To learn more about Girls Raising or how to get involved in building or investing in female-driven businesses, visit:


It's a great time to be a woman! 

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