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New Yaletown Location Now Open!
New Yaletown Location Now Open!

Riding in Style

With summer upon us, what better time to hop on those wheels and go for a spin! But just because you're riding your bike doesn't mean that your style has to be sacrificed. No ma'am, one of the keys to remaining chic-on-the-go is footwear. If you are channeling your inner Parisian and want to throw on a pair of heels, we suggest opting for something chunkier or stacked. Not only will they offer a little more stability but also allow you to worry less about getting your stiletto caught in a spoke. If practicality is more your bag then you're in luck because few things are cooler than a great pair of sneakers at the moment. Pair with your favourite leather jacket, shorts, and a messenger bag and you'll be ready to hit the road. Happy riding! 


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