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October 1 is National Consignment Day!

Happy national consignment day! We want to thank all of our amazing customers for helping out the planet by shopping resale and consigning with us. The impact of shopping resale is not only helpful for your bank account, but is also very sustainable. When you choose to shop resale, you’re helping contribute to a more circular textile industry, extending the lifespan of clothing articles and reducing the amount of textile waste going into the landfills.

Even just extending the lifecycle of clothing for 9 months would reduce your carbon, waste, and water footprints by around 30% each year. Canadians make up for 12 million tonnes of textile waste that make it to North America’s landfills, so let’s do our part to help reduce that number!

At Mine & Yours we love contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle to help save our beautiful planet in any way that we can. Did you know that it takes around 700 gallons of water to produce one average cotton shirt? That’s enough water for one person to stay hydrated for two and a half years! And that same shirt can take up to around 40 years to decompose.

Shopping resale is the best way stay away from that cycle, and not to mention it’s also the best way to fill your closet with the most fun and unique pieces. The amount of amazing items (both vintage and contemporary) that we recieve each week is unparalleled to what you would be able to find in any regular retail store. Consignment & resale shopping  is a sure win-win situation for everyone!

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