Chelsea's Pursuit: Designer on a budget

Chelsea's Pursuit: Designer on a budget

Two statement pieces from Mine & Yours were recently featured in a lovely post from Chelsea's Pursuit, a popular Vancouver blog. The pieces featured include a Dolce&Gabbana blouse and a pair of Dior sunglasses. 

Read the full blog post here. 

August 15, 2017 by Jigme Love

Style Snaps Vol. 6 - Spring is Springin'

Ahhhh.. March in Vancouver! The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the rain has been holding off, and Vancouverites are eagerly swapping their winter duds for fresh spring picks. I'm always the most inspired in Spring time. The blooming blossoms adorning the city scape always spurs a sense of hope and motivation that is unparalleled, and this year has been no different! Elizabeth and I knew we had to capture this flowery moment before it was too late. And what better way than with a Style Snap?


March 25, 2015 by Bitty Berlinghoff

Top 10 Vancouver Fashion Bloggers

By Lucas Hui

Top 10 Vancouver Fashion Bloggers to Follow! 

Let’s face it, life gets busy, and we don’t always have the time to keep up with the fast-pace-forever-changing fashion trends and learn the best styling tips. Sometimes it takes a little guidance from people that do it full time. So here are our top picks for Vancouver fashion bloggers to follow.

March 13, 2015 by Lucas Hui
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Style Snaps Vol. 5 - Futuristic Fab

Last week we talked about taking risks, and simple ways to take that leap. Today we take that risk factor a step further. Dare to go chartreuse neoprene? 


January 28, 2015 by Bitty Berlinghoff

Style Snaps Vol. 4 - Taking Risks


New year, new Style Snap. This volume is all about jumping out of your comfort zone, and embracing the new and different.

January 15, 2015 by Bitty Berlinghoff

Style Snaps: Vol. 1 - Finding Inspiration in Your Surroundings

We are living in the magic age of fashion right now. We are no longer limited by geography, technology, war or society. We wear what we want, what we feel comfortable in. Today's fashion is about creating a first impression, a representation of ourselves. 


November 21, 2014 by Bitty Berlinghoff

Shopping and Styling with The Style Saver!

A couple of weeks ago we had the absolute pleasure to work with Elizabeth Manuntag of The Style Saver. The concept of the day was fairly simple and only slightly daunting: do a casual styling and shopping shoot topped off with a professional product shoot in the photo studio. 

I was a little nervous to meet up with and then photograph a complete stranger, but I soon learned that my anxiety was completely unnecessary. Elizabeth showed up right on time with a smile and some serious style. We instantly gelled and got right to it.

It wasn't long before I felt like we were lifelong friends. We had such a fun time wandering around the store playing dress up, matching up pieces and accessories and harnessing our inner Anna Wintour.  

As the author and creator of the blog TheStyleSaver, Elizabeth is so stylish and savvy, she really brings home the idea that you don't need to be a billionaire to look great. Anybody can buy the latest fashions, it takes style to pull it all together and look great. 

After searching and trying on and searching and trying on, we finally curated the perfect collection for shooting in the studio. 

The vibe of the shoot was a little 1970s disco meets festival fashion with a dash of the sweet girl next door.


A snippet from our Blogger Series Shoot. From left: Halston Romper NWT, BCBG Silk Coverup, Ted Baker Top and Asos Chartruese Trousers (Sold Out), Halston Green Jersey Romper (sold out), Naven Neon Dress, Draped Yellow Rag and Bone Skirt.

To top off the experience, I asked her a couple interview questions to get to know her a little bit better:

1. How would you describe your personal style? 
My personal style is comfortable and chic, but there's an very girly side of me that loves big skirts, bows, and baby-doll dresses.
2. Who is your style icon? 
My style icon is Olivia Palermo - that woman can do no wrong.
3. What is your dream piece that you would love to find? 
I'd love to find someone's cast-off Christian Louboutin stilettos at a thrift store. A girl can dream, right?


4. What have you learned since starting your blog The Style Saver?
Ever since starting The Style Saver, I've learned that everyone loves a sale, and there are a lot more people who are into thrifting and consignment shopping than I thought. I always thought I'd be considered "cheap" because I didn't pay retail price for new items, but ever since starting the blog, I realize there are tons of others who have always shopped like me!
5. What do you think is the essential staple piece-something that every girl should have in their closet?
Every girl should have a worn in pair of jeans. 
6. How do you think thrift/consignment and vintage is effecting the fashion scene?
I think thrift/consignment and vintage is making people more conscious of where their clothing is coming from. With the rise of "fast fashion", people are looking for alternative ways to shop. Whether it be because they want to stand out from what everyone's buying online or at the mall, or they want reduce their carbon footprint and their effect on the environment, thrift/consignment and vintage shopping are ways to achieve that.
7. Where do you find your inspiration?
I find my inspiration through street style. I love flipping through street photographer's feeds from around the world. 

Thanks so much Elizabeth, it was a blast to work with you! 

If you wanna check out the entire blogger series on our site head over here, and to get more the style saver excitement, head on over to her blog at 

August 07, 2014 by Bitty Berlinghoff
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