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  • January 14, 2016

    Bag Legacy- Our top 10 from 2015

    Another year, another round of gorgeous dresses, to-die-for shoes and handbags that make us feel all the things. We thought it would be fun to look back on our favorite bags of the year and revel in their glory one last time.

    1. This Y-chain Mini Ligne Saint Laurent crossbody in the perfect shade of purple. 

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  • November 12, 2015

    Blue Jean Baby

    Arguably the longest standing trend in fashion, Denim proved itself again this season as being a major mainstay with so many variations and styles that keep it looking as modern as ever. Here's a few of our favourite styles and trends in denim to look out for this season!

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  • October 19, 2015

    Chic Halloween Costumes

    Halloween is one of the most fun holidays, and there's nothing quite like having an amazing costume and the compliments and photos that follow. But we've all been that person where there's less than two weeks to go and you still don't have that perfect costume. The options at this point are to either shell out way too much on a badly made and way overpriced costume from a costume shop, completely give up and vow to not leave your house on Halloween, or else half-ass it and let yourself stress out over it.

    Lucky for you, we've scoured the internet and our inventory for great ideas that will make you the life of the party, and more importantly, will leave you with pieces that are quality-made and you'll actually wear again!


    1. Hermione Granger

    Hermione Halloween Costume

    Hermione is the driving force behind the Geek Chic movement and is one of the most iconic heroines of modern literature. To get this look we've paired this Black Label Skirt (Sz Small) with this Prada Blouse (Sz 42), Burberry Sweater (Sz L) and Chanel Flats (Sz 38). All you have to find now is a striped tie and you're good to go! "It's Leviooosa, not Leviosaa!"

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  • October 16, 2015

    Outerwear 3 Ways!

    Have you ever put together a killer outfit and then remembered that it's October and you have to ruin it with a coat? Fear not! There's some super amazing options in store right now that will have you wanting all eyes on the outerwear. Here's 3 ways we suggest tackling outerwear featuring some stellar options. 

    1. The Statement Coat 


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  • October 14, 2015

    It's All About 70's Style

    The retro-cool look is back this season from high waist flair pants, clog platforms, cropped spaghetti strap tops, and fur coats. Feeling inspired? Check out our collection below!

    1. High Waist Flare Jeans

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  • September 8, 2015

    Dresses in Montipelncio

    The Summer Dress, Done Two Ways With A Little Help From My (Best)Friend.
                This summer I was lucky enough to get the chance to explore Italy along side my best friend. Since elementary school we kept a close friendship even after attending different high schools and going through everything your teenage years throw at you. Her and I are similar on many levels and always we find ourselves finishing each other’s sentence, meals and even being there for those last minute outfit decisions. So to say the least, we had a wonderful time away on holiday whether it was roaming around Florence, sharing each other’s pastas and just being there to help with any style dilemmas.
                 Before our trip, one thing we were both excited to wear was dresses. It’s not as if we never get to wear them at home, but there’s something about wearing those adorable girly dresses while strolling through the cobble stone streets of Italy. Our visions came and within the first few days of our trip we tossed aside our shorts and t-shirts and pulled out our dresses for our road trip to the countryside of Florence, Tuscany. We both had dresses on our mind, but one thing that makes Nika and I different is she’s always been a little girlier and me, more boyish. So, if you’re reading this and are like me, who prefers wearing a pair of trainers over heels about 90% of the time, here's proof that you can still wear a dress and twirl around in the sun.
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  • August 27, 2015

    A Few Fall Runway Faves

    I know it is technically still summer, but I could not be more excited for the fall season after I've been obsessing over the 2015/16 Fall-Winter collections. There's definitely been some similar themes between some of my favourite designers in their fall collections and honestly, if I could control the weather patterns of the world I would make it Fall tomorrow! There's something so inspiring about the pleasantly drawn out change in temperature and natural scenery around me, including the sartorial changes as well. 
    Here's a few of my favourite Fall collections to help you get in the mood! 
    To start us off, 
    Isabel Marant
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  • August 21, 2015

    White Out - Tips for Dressing 'En Blanc'

    With Dîner En Blanc is just a few sleeps away, we thought we would give you some tips and outfit inspo and tips to get you in the spirit for the big night. The event which is held at a secret location every year boasts beautiful decorations and an undeniably glamorous vibe with everyone decked out in their finest en blanc attire. 

    With that being said,  here's some inspiration and suggestions to help you join the party!

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  • July 31, 2015

    Dressing for Work in the Middle of Summer

    When the heat is blazing, one of the hardest thing can be getting dressed for work. Trying to balance comfort and appropriateness can prove to be quite a challenge, especially when going from the sunny outdoors to chilly air-conditioned offices and/or conservative dress codes. Fear not! We have a few ideas for your to help you navigate work-wear when all you want to do is throw on a bikini! 

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