A Colorful New Year Resolution

Experts say January is the most depressing month of the year. Dear "experts", we are here to prove you wrong! Our Style Experts show you how to liven up your every day with punches of colour splashed throughout your new 2019 wardrobe. It’s a revolution to your typical resolutions!
Art Basel Miami

Art Basel Miami

Mine & Yours visits Art Basel Miami 2018. We checked out all the hottest parties, galleries and exhibits in Miami - and all the luxury designer fashion! Streetstyle was in full force this year, tune in!

London Fashion Week Roundup

London fashion week is over already! These fun weeks are going so fast that it's getting hard to keep up with all the highlights and trends going on! But don't worry, we collected some of our favourite looks off the runways, as well as a  a few trends that were spotted in London's fashion week street style. 

#1 Street style trend

It seems like fashionistas rocked the streets of London by wearing and pairing shades of blue pieces. We do think it looks awesome; you can never go wrong by wearing an outfit made of shades of the same colour, especially blue!


#2 Street style trend

As you can see, red shoes have been spotted a lot in New York fashion week, London fashion week, and on the runways! They just make your outfit much more cool and stylish even if only the heels are red!


 #3 Favourite looks from the runways 

Ashley Williams


 Ralph & Russo



Simone Rocha




Christopher Kane



September 27, 2017 by Parinaz Shahmoradi

Wardrobe Bingo: Fashion Inspiration Right from Your Own Closet!

They say that we shouldn’t blindly follow trends to look in-style - and we totally agree on that! According to fashion experts from the online publication In Montpelier VA, “The key is to buy what’s classic. Buy items that you like and things that look good on you… Consider the most basic items and build from the ground up.”

But don’t think that you have to splurge on new clothes for a fashion upgrade. From what we’ve observed on the runways...

February 17, 2016 by Lygia Valezi
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Resale vs. Consignment - What's the Deal?

Take a look around your closet, how many clothes and accessories could be in another place without you even noticing it? If the answer starts with “ Well…” it’s time to rethink your whole consumption profile. The idea of buying fashion pieces that had a previous owner doesn't transport us to the "flea market" scenario anymore. Au contraire, consignment and resales stores with amazing product selection (such as ourselves!) are the best way to keep your closet in balance through the seasons. It’s trendy, it’s eco, it’s chic, and best of all: it’s totally affordable!

February 04, 2016 by Lygia Valezi

Blue Jean Baby

Arguably the longest standing trend in fashion, Denim proved itself again this season as being a major mainstay with so many variations and styles that keep it looking as modern as ever. Here's a few of our favourite styles and trends in denim to look out for this season!

November 12, 2015 by Joanna Chaffin
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Fall/Winter 2015 Trends - What We are Looking For



The Fall season is fast approaching and that means changes for our closets! From the runway to street style, there's a lot of exciting things happening in fashion at the moment. Want to sell to us? Here's our top 10 trends that we are looking for this season and can't wait to get fully stocked in! 

August 19, 2015 by Joanna Chaffin
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Trends We Have Our Eye on For Spring 2015

Spring is just around the corner, so we came up with a list of our favourite Spring trends for this year.  We'll also be using this list to guide us with curating merchandise for this season, so hop by if you're looking to stay on trend!


February 18, 2015 by Joanna Chaffin
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Let's Talk Trends: 8 Trends Girls Love and Guys Hate

By: Shirley Lei


Girls and guys both love trends, but our tastes do not always coincide. It was quite the experience surveying some guy friends on the controversial trends below - I received responses from "peplum tops make girls look pregnant", to full-on rants about why girls should not wear heels if they do not feel comfortable in them...to learn the rest of the Top 8 trends that girls love but guys hate, read on! 


Mom Jeans 

Our beloved high-waist jeans are frequents on “Trends Guys Hate” lists. For us girls, they are the perfect throw-on’s for those lazy days, but admittedly, they don’t do justice to many figures. One style tip to avoid the outdated "mom" look is to pair them with modern pieces - juxtaposing them with the right chic pieces is also a way to mix things up! However, be mindful of the size and fit when purchasing mom jeans - as seen below, the correct fit can truly make or break the look. 


 Your typical mom jeans...yay or nay?


Oversize Sunglasses 

Apparently, guys do not dig the bug-eyed look. Oversize or dramatic sunglasses take the attention away from one’s face, and may make a person look “insect-like”. What do you think?


 Sky-High Stilettos

These definitely do wonders for posture, height, and figure, but guys pick on the fact that for some girls, they drastically hinder their ability to move, which makes an awkward situation for both of them. As well, guys argue that heels, even though they look amazing, may be so uncomfortable that they take away from girls being able to have a good time.



It was during this past summer that the Birkenstock trend became truly ubiquitous among fashion bloggers and icons alike. Trendsetters from Alexa Chung to Miranda Kerr have all sported these kicks - Mary and Ashley Olsen even paired them with socks! We love the form-fitting comfort of these sandals, but it’s also the infamous androgynous look that attract us girls to them…and repel guys. But for the gals out there who are glad to see less of them as we go into the fall, watch out for the return of the Celine fur-lined sandals...



Peplum Tops 

Received this suggestion from one of my guy friends - personally, I had no idea why they are hated on - peplums are perfect for hiding that “pooch”, or creating an interesting silhouette to an outfit - but apparently they “make you look pregnant”…


Shoulder Pads 

Sometimes, those coats and blazers just need a bit more structure, which the shoulder pads add perfectly. But, in some guys’ tastes, the broad shoulder look is deemed to be “too masculine”.



The farmer look “just doesn't work” in some guys’ opinions. In girls’ opinions, they can definitely be pulled off — with the right styling, these “farmer” overalls can even look chic! 




 Harem Pants

When we envision the harem pants, we tend to think about the bowl-shaped, exaggeratedly slouchy pants with drop-crotches that go as low as the knee, which guys might not enjoy. However, many styles of harem pants today have been modernized and moderated so that everyone can pull them off easily: the lower waistline prevents the round-belly look, and the slimmed pant legs make them more flattering by avoiding the illusion of a stodgy silhouette. 




But ladies, who really cares what the guys think? If you are loving any of the trends above, we urge you to wear whatever floats your boat. In fact, we quote Betsey Johnson on this: “Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times.”

October 30, 2014 by Bitty Berlinghoff
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Trend to Watch - 70's Revival

With Fashion month complete for another season, it's hard to deny the massive 70's revival that was seen both on and off the runway. With everything from boho swingy shapes and eyelet details, to bold prints and mini skirts, there was no denying that the spirit of the 70's was alive and well in the world of fashion. Karl Lagerfeld even took the spirit one step further at his show for Chanel with a staged protest, fully equipped with feminist-message emblazoned signage and stomping models to boot! We recommend looking out for luxe pieces in suede, denim, wider leg silhouettes, and bold, warm-tone patterns for a foray into 70's dressing. 
How will you be incorporating the 70's trend into your wardrobe this year? 
All street style photos via Tommy Ton for Style.com



 Saint Laurent 

Louis Vuitton 



October 03, 2014 by Joanna Chaffin
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