Emma Pauling and Megan McClean are two of the three ladies that make up the Witchslapped blog. With their slogan "Dress up like yourself" these ladies came by to feature a few of their favourite pieces from our hand-picked collection, to really show what dressing up like yourself is like. 

Photos from Witchslapped

"We got to play dress up at Mine & Yours in Vancouver last week, and it was just a dream (neither of us left empty handed… oops!). Old school Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and YSL fill the racks and the staff are beyond lovely!"

 - Emma Pauling, Witchslapped

Visit: Emma's Witchslapped post



Photos from Witchslapped

"As soon as I tried on this outfit, I knew I was walking out with at least one item (ok two, I left the shoes!)"

- Megan McClean, Witchslapped

Visit: Megan's Witchslapped post

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