Mine & Yours @ Vancouver ECO Fashion Week

As a sustainable fashion business, Mine & Yours is fully participating at Vancouver's upcoming ECO Fashion Week, April 27-29. This 8th cycle of Vancouver's highly regarded fashion celebration, will take place at the city’s SFU Woodward’s, Fairmont Waterfront and Holt Renfrew. This edition will focus on global and luxury retailers’ level of social and environmental responsibility. 

Mine & Yours Founder Jigme Love will be speaking as a Panelist at the opening seminar, "Fashion for Life, Not for Waste", on April 27th at SFU Woodwards in Gastown at 12pm. 


Jigme Love, Founder of Mine & Yours, is a Panelist for "Fashion for Life, Not for Waste".


Alongside Fashion Designer Jason Matlo and Chief Marketing Officer for Value Village Karin Koonings, Jigme will be addressing how one can be sustainable while also being fashionable. 

Fashion Designer Jason Matlo is also a "Fashion for Life, Not For Waste" Panelist.


The Thrift Chic Challenge & the 68 Pound Challenge will be presented by Value Village at the Fairmont Waterfront on April 28. In the Thrift Chic Challenge, three stylists are given a $500 allowance to create ten runway-worthy outfits using only gently-used clothing from Value Village.


Previous Vancouver ECO Fashion Week Thrift Chic Challenge by Jasmine Zhu of Posing in Vintage. Photos by Peter Jensen Photography.

Young Oak designer Tammy Joe will take on this edition's 68 Pound Challenge. (68 pounds is the weight of the amount of clothing and textiles the average North American throws away each year.) Tammy Joe's runway show will be her collection of new fashions made from 68 lbs of discarded clothing. 

Tammy Joe from Young Oak is taking on the 68 lb Challenge!  

ECO Fashion Week culminates with a fashion show by Obakki on April 29 at Holt Renfrew. Partial proceeds will go to the Obakki Foundation, which provides clean water and education in Africa. 

The Obakki Fashion Show will take place at Holt Renfrew on April 29.

To learn more about ECO Fashion Week or purchase tickets, visit: www.ecofashion-week.com.
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