I’m Kathy, a native Vancouverite, boho chic cat-lover, and seamstress extraordinaire. Since I was eight, I’ve been sewing my own clothing and have had an eye for fashion. Recently, I’ve started designing and creating my own patterns, whenever I’m not busy trying to graduate high school. I wish I could say I’m just a normal eighteen year old girl, but I’m really not. My dreams include a BA in Musical Theatre, becoming a women’s rights lawyer and to learn some of the fading traditional languages of BC First Nations.


Anyways, how did I become a #graddressiveaway winner? Well, I actually learnt about the contest in one of the weekly grad emails my counselor at Point Grey Secondary sent me. I figured this was a great opportunity for me because I just couldn’t afford to splurge on a dress that I was only planning on wearing once.


A couple of months went by, and I decided to buy a dress…but returned it a few weeks before prom. I didn’t LOVE the dress, it didn’t make me feel special, or like a princess. A week before prom I still didn’t have a dress and was panicking, when the ladies at Mine and Yours sent me a message letting me know I’d won; I was ecstatic.

At 11 in the morning on the day of my prom, I got my very first manicure of my entire life. It was amazing! I’m definitely doing that again. HA HA. After that, I went home and began styling my hair. I know most girls go to a salon to get prom hair done, but I think I know my hair better than anyone, and if I was going to have prom perfect hair, my bathroom was the place I needed to be. When I finally put my dress on, the effect was breathtaking. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a more beautiful dress in my life. I was absolutely in love with the way the skirt was layered and framed my figure. It was everything I imaged a prom dress to be and more!


The limo picked me and my friends up and we made our way to the Fairmont Vancouver. I’ve never been inside the Fairmont, so when I mounted the spiral staircase to the ballroom, it was my Cinderella moment. Everything was so beautiful; it was like a strange modern castle. Prom was a blur of dinner, endless dancing, poker tables and countless trips to the dessert table. I had a wonderful night, and Mine and Yours made that happen by making me feel like a princess on my prom night. I’m so grateful for my dress, and so excited I’ve found another thrifty, but amazingly trendy place to shop.


By: Kathy Booth

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