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What to Wear With Your Nail Art

Prints, metallics, and architectural shapes - no longer words used to describe the latest trends in just fashion but now also nail art. With the growing popularity of nail art and the more and more impressive designs being executed, it's easy to see how your digits can be your best accessory. Here's a few tips on how to pair some of these trends with your wardrobe!
1. Pair your pastels. Keep colours in the same family. If you're opting for a more a soft colour palette on your digits, it'll be a no brainer when pairing with your summer pastels in your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to pop it with a little silver accent that can tie in with your accessories.
2. Keep it simple. Not all nail art needs to be in your face with loud colours and prints. Even if you're not feeling so bold, try incorporating the trend in the form of different shapes and takes on classics like the french manicure. 
3. Dress up with metallics. Don't be afraid to pop your polishes with a metallic hue - no matter what colour you're working from. Not only will it add a little something special but also add a slightly dressier day-to-night element - like a great piece of jewellery! 

4. Keep it consistent. Even in playing with bold patterns, keep one colour consistent throughout every nail in order to make all your fingers work together cohesively. This will also come in handy when making a stand-out colour in your outfit pop. 
5. Think of your nails like an outfit. Don't be afraid to pop graphic prints with a bold primary colour. This nail-outfit-pairing works because they echo one another - the boldness of the colours and the black and white graphics play off each other to make you a show-stopper. 
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