Mine & Yours and Big Sisters!

This week we are really excited to announce a collaboration between Mine & Yours and Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland!

As a leading child and youth mentoring charity, Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland facilitates life-changing relationships that inspire and empower girls to reach their potential, both as individuals and citizens. Big Sisters believes that by changing the course of young lives, through supportive mentoring relationships, we can, in turn, change the course of a community’s future. These positive relationships assist the girls in the Big Sisters programs to gain the skills, tools and confidence to help them grow into capable and contributing members of society and help them reach their full potential as adults.


Big Sisters’ ongoing goal is to provide a positive mentor and role model for every girl who needs one. Big Sisters is a volunteer – based organization that encourages community citizenship through their  three mentoring programs: Big Sisters Mentoring Program, Study Buddy Program and Go Girls! Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Program. Find out more here http://www.bigsisters.bc.ca/en/Home/mentoringprograms/default.aspx


Organizations such as Big Sisters are so important:

Check out our new Big Sisters collection online or ask us about it in-store. 100% of sales proceeds from our Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland items goes straight to Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland. On top of that, the lovely people over at KPMG have agreed to match our donations dollar for dollar! That means for every one dollar you spend on a Big Sisters item, an additional one dollar is donated to Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland!

Also, check out these awesome brand-new yoga outfits donated by Karma wear on sale for the cause. Each Karma product is "inspired by fashion and movement, Karma is redefining movement apparel. With a balance of current trends, runway direction and movement through yoga and dance, Karma stands apart. Each garment is expertly designed, constructed and contoured to highlight the feminine shape and enhance what makes women beautiful." These products are still selling in shops at full price, but get them here at 20% off and with all the proceeds benefiting Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland!

So come on down to 1060 Hornby St, or click here, and shop with us for a good cause. Every sale makes a difference!

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