How to Style a Maxi Skirt for the Fall

With Fall upon us, it's time to get extra creative to draw out the mileage of our favourite summer pieces that we're just not quite ready to let go of. Maxi skirts are an awesome go-to for the summer months but they can work surprisingly well into the cooler days ahead as well. Here's a few tips and tricks to keep in mind for the next time you're thinking that there's just nothing to wear. 

Maxi Skirt Style Tip #1: Mix weights 

To help offset the light-weight nature of a maxi, incorporate your exaggerated chunky knits to create a great juxtaposition and interest in your look, not to mention keep you warm.


Maxi Skirt Style Tip #2: Top it off with a Leather Jacket 

There may not be anything that can add that downtown-edge to an outfit quite like a leather jacket. Opt for a more fitted silhouette to play off the flowy-ness of a maxi and make it feel more luxe. This will also prove key in moving from day to night. 


Maxi Skirt Style Tip #3: Keep it Crisp

One thing that prevents us from gravitating for our maxi pieces in the fall is often that lightness of the silhouette that can read a little too casual sometimes. Change things up by adding a great classic piece like a white button-up top that brings in a level of crispness and also elegance to your outfit.



Maxi Skirt Style Tip #4: Mix up Proportions 

Just because you're wearing a long skirt does not mean that you have to keep everything else cropped all of the time. Play around with your proportions by adding long layers to accentuate what you love most about maxi skirts and also create a super luxurious and cozy look for the winter. 





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