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How Do You Tie a Scarf?

Probably one of the most common questions we get asked is 'How do you wear a scarf like this?' This usually pertains to those silk beauties that are amazing to look at but you're just not sure how practical they would be in your wardrobe. Well, let us persuade you! 

This scarf is Fendi and you can shop it HERE or at our store on Hornby street. Let the learning begin! 


1. The wrap-around knot 

This one's a classic, a super easy style to pull off and wearable with virtually any top. We especially love how this looks when paired with an oversized crew-neck sweater to add some instant interest to your look. Simply wrap the scarf around once, crossing the ends around the back of your neck and then knot in the front once or twice depending on your preference! 


2. The loose layer

A no-brainer and super-simple. Just simply lay across your shoulders and let the weight of the scarf do all the work. Pro-tip: layer this under a cardigan with the scarf peaking out around the edges and use a belt around your waist to cinch the whole look together!

3. The Headband 

We love how super fun and playful this look is. Just simply tie a knot in the scarf and position it in the top-centre of your head and tie the ends in the back. If the knotted look is less your thing, leave out that step and simply fold the scarf into your desired width and tie in the back. 

4. The bandana 

This one is great for letting the scarf do all the talking. If you've got an amazing silk piece like this Fendi one, we love showcasing the print like this. Just fold the square into a triangle and tie the ends in the back. Floof and fold till your heart's content. 

5. The bag accessory

Because bags get cold too. Larger bags can especially pull off this style. Super-chic and gives your tried and true bag a bit of the un-expected. Feel free to tie it around a longer or shoulder strap depending on your bag of choice.

And there you have it! Not as hard as you thought? We hope so. Don't be afraid to bring out your silk scarves because they are such a great transitional accessory! There's really no rules for these things, just remember to have fun with it! 

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Brittania-Cherish - January 31, 2015

OMG! Where has this article been all my life?!

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