Eco Fashion Week Vancouver 2015

Sustainable Fashion 

Increasing numbers of businesses are adapting a sense of responsibility for future generations. That means creating business models  that  are as sustainable and environmentally responsible as they are lucrative. It is especially imperative that leaders in fashion - the third most environmentally damaging industry - promote the industry in a way that harmonizes respect for nature and business. Vancouver ECO Fashion Week is just here to do that.

ECO Fashion Week, founded by fashion industry veteran Myriam Laroche, is made up of a team of diverse group of artists, designers, producers, thinkers, strategists, and visionaries driven by the belief that style and eco-consciousness needn't be mutually exclusive. The team collaborates with organizations, brands, and designers who encourage people to examine, explore, and question the world around them in an accessible, engaging way. 

Vancouver ECO Fashion Week

ECO Fashion Week Founder Myriam Laroche. 


Each cycle, ECO Fashion Week produces beautiful runway shows, media & industry events, and informative panels and seminars that dig deep into the issues of the fashion industry and its impact on the environment.


"Fashion for Life, Not Waste"

Last year, Mine & Yours Founder Jigme Love was a panelist and speaker for "Fashion for Life, Not Waste". The panel, which also included Fashion Designer Jason Matlo and Chief Marketing Officer for Value Village Karin Koonings, discussed simple steps fashion industry producers and consumers can take to reduce their environmental impact.

Mine & Yours Founder Jigme Love was a Panelist and Guest Speaker at the 8th Edition of ECO Fashion Week in 2014.

In her presentation, Jigme demonstrated how savvy, fashion-loving consumers can find "almost-new" designer and luxury pieces at locations throughout Vancouver and online, while spending a fraction of the original retail cost and reducing their consumer impact on the environment by extending the life of pre-owned garments. 

To check out Mine & Yours' selection of luxury and designer resale items, click here. 


Mine & Yours Opens Eco Fashion week 2015

ECO Fashion Week enters it's 9th season April 19-24, 2015, and Mine & Yours is honoured to show a curated collection of pre-loved looks in the very first show!

Our 10 styled looks will feature luxurious, feminine and fresh elements that demonstrate how the fashion-concious, yet sustainably-minded woman can dominate both the street, the office, the red carpet and the runway without sacrificing the environment or her pocketbook.

For tickets to the show, click here.

For an overview of ECO Fashion Week 2015, click here.


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