A Day in The Life: E-Commerce with Bitty

Hi friends! Today's "A Day in The Life" post gives you a idea of what goes on behind the scenes at Mine & Yours. All photos by Kayla Isomura Photography

My name is Bitty. You may have seen me around the store running to grab something, or maybe you read along with my blog series 'Style Snaps', but I'm not around much, as I work upstairs in the photo studio most days. My official title is "E-commerce Associate", but my duties range from product photography, to graphic design, to retail, to shipping and processing, to email and....blog writing!

One of my very favorite parts of the job is getting to train new interns and share all of the things I've learned on-the-job. Whether it's lighting techniques, tips for taking better iPhone photos, or describing a product with the right words, it's so rewarding to watch somebody learn and grow. 
And there's nothing quite like posting a photo to Instagram and then having it sell 10 minutes later. The adrenaline! 
Shipping products all around the world is another huge part of my job. As I don't generally work on the floor, this is my chance to connect with my buyers and create a Mine & Yours experience out-of-the-box. I have had fun experimenting with that and trying out different ways of packing, and adding personality into our shipments.

One last thing I've really learned tons about, and that applies to my everyday work environment, is online merchandising. As I don't get to physically talk to my customers, or set up the products in appealing displays, I've had to learn to use technology as my merchandising tool. I get to create collections, graphics to go with those collections, and email campaigns to promote those collections.
Thanks for letting me share my day to day life with you! It's been such a fun experience and I've learned so much, and am still learning more and more everyday!

-XO Bitty

All photos by Kayla Isomura Photography

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