Wanderlust- Pack like a Pro

If you're like me, you're just realizing it's mid-July and you have no trips on the horizon. Or if you're not like me, you have some amazing trips lined up and you've been mentally preparing for weeks. Either way, we've compiled a simple guideline for how to pack no matter where you're heading this summer!

Zara Maxi, Miu Miu Sandals, Etro Tunic, LV Keepall

The heat poses challenges for even the most advanced stylists. Our advice is to keep it loose and keep it comfortable. If you love wearing black, get some black tank dresses, but hot weather allows you to play more with pattern and keep the silhouette loose, so go bold if you dare!

Louboutins, Mezzi Handbag, Gucci Dress, Bvlgari Scarf

If you're heading for a European romp this summer, keep it classy! Those ladies really know how to dress and you'll wanna pull out the big guns if you expect to keep up. Take the extra time to do a bold lip, wear Blahniks to breakfast and Louboutins to lunch! You don't have to keep it all high-end, but try to keep it classy. Think neutrals, subtle beautiful patterns and some good shoes that look and feel nice!

Wilfred Dress, Tory Burch Espadrilles, Babaton Panama Hat, LV Mini Backpack

LA on the other hand is a riot. Wear your funnest colours and clothes that you can throw on over your bathing suit and head to brunch with your girls. Think clothes that transition, with all the beaching opportunities and gorgeous weather, your not going to want to spend much time in your hotel room!

Opening Ceremony Booties, Alexander McQueen Skirt, L'agence Studded Tank, Gucci Backpack, Lanvin PJ Top

New York is North America's fashion mecca (some might even say the world!). Allow your inner fashionista to shine here, but keep things comfortable (a 6" heel doesn't look good no matter how nice it is if it makes you walk with a limp!). You'll be walking a lot so knits are a great idea, and a good cross body or transitional bag (like this Gucci D-Active backpack that transforms into a tote) is a great idea for keeping all your stuff on you while keeping your hands free to browse the shops, museums, cafés, etc.

Whether you're soaking up the sun on pristine sandy beaches, or strutting your stuff in the urban jungle, pack what you feel comfortable in and you won't regret it!

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