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Dresses in Montipelncio

The Summer Dress, Done Two Ways With A Little Help From My (Best)Friend.
            This summer I was lucky enough to get the chance to explore Italy along side my best friend. Since elementary school we kept a close friendship even after attending different high schools and going through everything your teenage years throw at you. Her and I are similar on many levels and always we find ourselves finishing each other’s sentence, meals and even being there for those last minute outfit decisions. So to say the least, we had a wonderful time away on holiday whether it was roaming around Florence, sharing each other’s pastas and just being there to help with any style dilemmas.
             Before our trip, one thing we were both excited to wear was dresses. It’s not as if we never get to wear them at home, but there’s something about wearing those adorable girly dresses while strolling through the cobble stone streets of Italy. Our visions came and within the first few days of our trip we tossed aside our shorts and t-shirts and pulled out our dresses for our road trip to the countryside of Florence, Tuscany. We both had dresses on our mind, but one thing that makes Nika and I different is she’s always been a little girlier and me, more boyish. So, if you’re reading this and are like me, who prefers wearing a pair of trainers over heels about 90% of the time, here's proof that you can still wear a dress and twirl around in the sun.
             Our road trip was bringing us to the town of Montipelncio, which was a medieval and wonderfully beautiful in itself and it didn’t hurt there was seemingly endless rolling hills, farmhouses and vineyard surrounding the little town that sat on a hill.
The dress Nika wore is from TopShop and Mine from, Cos. Both are casual enough to spend the day in and fancy enough to go out for a special lunch. Even though Nika dresses her outfit up with a Vintage Jimmy Choo clutch and chunky heels and I dressed mine down with a pair of Reebok Classics.
             So if you’re bit more tomboy don’t be afraid to throw on a pair of sneakers with you’re girly dress because I promise you, it wont look weird. If you want to kick it up a notch and wear heels I would invest in a comfy platform pair of so you can last all day, especially with travelling you want to be able to last for the hours on hours of walking. 


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