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Styling sweaters fall 2015

The first day of fall- it's officially time to layer up with some sweaters to keep you stylish and warm during the cold months ahead. We're obsessed with fall fashion over here, and sweaters are one of the very best parts for us. We've compiled this list as an "Ode to Sweaters" if you will, and have highlighted our favourite styles for this season and how we love to style them.

1. Cable Knit

These sweaters are often chunky and come in a variety of silhouettes. Also called fisherman sweaters, what makes these stand out is their pattern of crossing layers of knitted designs achieved through a variety of intricate knitting techniques. They are perfectly paired with leggings and high-heeled ankle boots or overtop a collared top.

2. Crew Neck

Think those classic gym class sweatshirts with the little 'V' stitched at the center front neckline. These sweaters have come a long way from their humble beginnings and are favourites from Street Style stars the world over. Crew neck sweaters often contain large graphics similar to the Kenzo sweaters you've seen everywhere and have that cool factor that instantly make you feel like a rockstar's daughter. They can be paired with jeans and sneakers for a comfortable cool look or a cute skirt and leggings for a warm classic cool fall style.

3. Cashmere 

Cashmere sweaters not only create an instant classic and polished look, but they're so comfortable and cozy that they actually make the cold weather worth it. They come in a variety of styles and colours from nude to dark orange, v-neck, round neck, and every designer has had a turn with these fall staples. Pair them with everything from boyfriend jeans to evening looks- they are that versatile.


4. Cardigan

Ahh, the cardigan. These versatile godsends used to be a mainstay only for your grandpa, but not anymore! Move over gramps, and let us at the goods. Cardigans differ from most sweaters in that they button down the front and can be worn either buttoned-up or not buttoned at all. Cardigans are perfect for layering and allow you to feel warm without covering up your outfit underneath. These can come in the style of all the other sweaters on this list- cable, cashmere, etc and are just as versatile in their styling opportunities.

5. Dress

Sweater dresses are the ultimate hybrid of the season as they combine warmth, functionality and steeze and can create a complete outfit on their own. We like to pair them with ankle boots, scarves, and a good shoulder bag to keep your hands free for your PSL and umbrella. 

That rounds up our favorite sweater styles, but honestly- we love them all (did somebody say Cowichan ?!). We hope this has inspired you to get into the cold weather and on to the sweater weather train!

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