Mine & Yours at Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Fashion Week


Vancouver Fashion Week

Jigme Love and Courtney Watkins of Mine & Yours had the great pleasure of attending Vancouver Fashion Week September 28 to October 4, 2015.

Our friends from up-and-coming local fashion app Hangr snapped our photos on the media wall. 

Jigme Nehring Courtney Watkins Vancouver Fashion WeekPhoto by Jerry Lum

Photo by Jerry Lum

Vancouver Fashion Week Designers

We were impressed by the multitude of talented designers from around the world.


Ameri Vintage from Japan

Vancouver Fashion Week

Geum Ja from Korea

Vancouver Fashion Week

Sara Armstrong from Canada

Mike Wu photography Vancouver Fashion Week

Black Le Cat from Argentina (Mike Wu Photography)

Amber Nifong Vancouver Fashion Week

Amber Nifong from New York (Mike Wu Photography)

Vancouver Fashion Week Photo by Mike Wu

Vancouver Fashion Week Spotlight: Canella Hostal

One extremely talented designer especially stood out to us: Canella Hostal, a French designer based in Dubai.

Canela Hostal

Vancouver Fashion Week Mike Wu Photography

We loved the vibrancy, texture, bold optimism, and delightful sense of fun inherent Canella's designs. We met up with her in the media room after her show.

Jigme Nehring, Canella Hostal, Courtney Watkins


Canella Hostal of "Canella Hostal Couture" was born in France to a family with an art and design heritage. 

Having lived in Dubai for the past X years, she draws her design inspiration from the warmth, vibrancy, and energy of the Middle East. 

Her Spring/Summer 2016 collection contains versatile, whimsical separates composed of sophisticated Jacquard fabrics with neon and metallic threads woven throughout. 



Mine & Yours Photoshoot with Canella Hostal Couture

We fell so deeply in love with Canella's designs, that decided to do an impromptu, playful photo shoot in her clothing!



Eco Fashion and Vancouver Fashion Week 2015

Thank you Canella for sharing your designs with us and Vancouver at-large. We hope to see much more of your gorgeous clothing on this side of the world. 

And thank you to all the designers, organizers and supporters behind Vancouver Fashion Week! See you next season!

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