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Arguably the longest standing trend in fashion, Denim proved itself again this season as being a major mainstay with so many variations and styles that keep it looking as modern as ever. Here's a few of our favourite styles and trends in denim to look out for this season!

Return of the Flare 


Yes, you read that right. The flare is coming back and in full force! Thanks in large part to the 70's trend, the flare can come in many different forms depending on your comfort level. Want to go all in? We say go for it, grab a pair of wooden block heels, long layers to pile on top, and you're set.



One of the coolest and most recent trends to take shape in denim has to be the cut and paste DIY approach of patchwork. Thank French label Vetements for their amazing iteration in deconstructed denim that gives patchwork a more modern sensibility. When opting for this trend, think about mixing up texture and colour to give you an of-the-season look. 


We may have never met a denim skirt we didn't like. From A-line and button front to streamlined pencil, denim skirts have never been easier to wear. We like to think of denim as a balancing act and that's especially true with skirts. If you're going for more of a dressier feel, stick to dark washes and clean cuts to make them office apropos. 



Going for the classic Canadian tuxedo look? Then you'll probably need an amazing jacket. With so many different styles and cuts now the options are endless. Light weight and super easy to layer or oversized and classically cut, the denim jacket is making a strong case for being the most versatile piece in your closet. 

Ankle Cropped


Get your ankles ready, because things are about to get a little chillier. It's hard to deny this trend with tons of pairs cropping up (pun very much intended) right above the ankle. Think of it as an opportunity to show off your booties and play with proportion. We love a slightly wider leg that's cropped as well as a more boot cut styles that have been chopped with a rough edge. Which brings us to our next trend...


That's right, gone are the days of prim hemlines and seams. Let it all hang out this season with some frayed hems. Thank the british design duo behind Marques' Almeida for the distressed effect that you are seeing virtually everywhere right now. We also love this trend because it's super easy as a DIY, turning your tried and true staples that may have seen better days into trendy pieces that can find new life for seasons to come. 

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