Holiday Gift Guide

Is it just us or did we just blink and suddenly it was December?! Needless to say, we are beyond excited for the holiday season and all the celebrations to be had. We like to think of it as the season of giving, to friends, family, loved ones near or far and hey, even yourself. Here's our top picks for some amazing gifts to give to everyone on your list! 

Best Friend

The bestie can be the most fun gift to buy for because if she's anything like you, and we are guessing that you may have at least one thing in common, then it's essentially like buying a gift for yourself. We suggest picking out something that you know she'll treasure but also be able to get some great use out of like this great clutch or this one as a more budget friendly but equally as amazing option. 


We like to think of mom as someone to pamper and make feel her best. So why not give the woman who gave you LIFE, something warm and fuzzy, think of it like the hug that keeps on giving. If you wanted to go the sentimental route (moms love that stuff) we really love the idea of grabbing your favourite photo of the two of you and tucking it in to this super luxe photo holder that she can take with her everywhere! (LV photo holder here)


Treat your sis this year to something that you know she'll love and won't have to try to borrow (steal) from you! We love the idea of giving her a great timeless piece that she'll be able to hang on to for years to come. If she's more of a grab and go girl we recommend something like this so that she can stuff it in any other bag she carries or just carry it by itself. If you're wanting to spend a little bit more we suggest going for the classics that only get better with age like this gorgeous Louis Vuitton bucket bag


There's nothing better than showing up to a christmas party with an amazing gift for your host. It's not 100% mandatory so the fact that you've gone the extra step as a thank you will mean the world to the host who has planned her (or his) time to get people together for the holidays. We suggest something unanimously loved like a great scarf or something with just the right luxe touch like these Marc Jacobs cashmere gloves.

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Now it's your turn to tell us what YOU are looking for! It's as easy as making your very own Wishlist, the best part is that you can (very sneakily) send and share it with your loved ones as an oh-so-subtle nudge in the right direction. 

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