Bag Legacy- Our top 10 from 2015

Another year, another round of gorgeous dresses, to-die-for shoes and handbags that make us feel all the things. We thought it would be fun to look back on our favorite bags of the year and revel in their glory one last time.

1. This Y-chain Mini Ligne Saint Laurent crossbody in the perfect shade of purple. 

(also this pink one that never even made it online)

2. This Prada tote which is quite plain but possibly the MOST gorgeous tote ever. We also had it in white and it was so beautiful I literally almost died.

3. This Alexander McQueen knuckleduster clutch. Legit tears were shed when this one walked in.

pre owned alexander mcqueen

4. This sequined Louis Vuitton Bag AKA the Speedy Fleur De Jais. Perfection. 

Pre Owned Louis Vuitton

And on the other spectrum of what LV can do...

5. This white Epi Bowling Montaigne Bag in all it's structured, simplistic bliss.

pre owned louis vuitton epi

6. The Marc Jacobs Natasha and Natasha Q  We had to strategically post these on insta, because the moment we posted one the phones would immediately ring off the hook for an hour. 

Pre owned marc jacobs natasha q bag

7. This blush Chanel Le Boy. Because duh.

pre owned chanel le boy

And the rest of this Chanel haul. Obvs.

8. The Mulberry Alexa. The perfect crossbody. 

Speaking of perfect crossbodies, Céline happens to have also mastered that category

9. The Céline Trio - it's a tie between the classic black and this beautiful icy blue (or Serenity, if you will)


10. And finally, this 10 year anniversary Balenciaga motorcycle bag in all it's textured pink glory (and graphic print lining)

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  • Wow, these bags are so elegant… Definitely have to get some of these…

    Andrea Shaw on

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