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New year, new you! At the start of a new year, it's always fun to sit down and think over the last year. What did you love and what could you do without?

The turnover had us thinking about our style (duh) and our #goals for the new year. We thought it could be fun to share some of our style resolutions with you guys and hear what yours are. After all, we build each other up- let's make 2016 our most stylish yet!

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1. Go to the dry cleaner / seamstress. I have a whole stack of wonderful clothes that need professional cleaning, or hem or zipper repairs. I commit to getting those pieces back to their original glory so I can wear them out and about again!

2. Wear pants. I'm a total girl's girl through and through - even when it comes to my wardrobe, which is full of skirts and dresses. I've gone months straight without ever wearing pants, even in winter. This year, I resolve to start wearing the pants a little more in my household!

3. Add a new investment handbag to the collection. Read: CHANEL


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1. NO buying fast fashion pieces in an effort to make purchases more intentional and last longer as well as be more conscientious about the planet and resources. When I know a style I am looking for, rather than running to whatever is cheapest and/or easiest, do some more research that will in turn support local businesses, and small batch fashion, or buying second hand, recycled pieces. 

2. Embrace layering more, both with clothing and accessories, to get more mileage out of pieces I currently have.  

3. Make outfits intentional (even on days off!) Putting a little effort in usually goes a long way and generally makes me feel better about the day when I feel confident in my outfit. Taking a few minutes the night before to set aside an outfit and shop within my own closet will hopefully not only set my day off on a good start but also save time in the morning. 

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1. Save for an investment piece (it's time!!)

2. Indulge in the quirky 70s trends that are happening right now and allow myself to take more fashion risks- (Can we take a moment to indulge in Gucci's latest collection?!)

3. Streamline my closet and get rid of the things that aren’t in line with my vision for the year

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1. I resolve to shop with a purpose. Before I venture out on a shopping trip, I intend to review my wardrobe and determine exactly what I should buy, BEFORE I hit the shops. This will curb me from buying more of what I already have (so many black T-shirts!)

2. Take care of expensive pieces. Spent the time and money to dry clean, hand-wash and store bags and clothes properly. I will get so much more mileage out of my purchases this way.

3. As one of the owners at Mine & Yours I should practice what I preach! If I haven't worn it in the last year and a half, then I commit to donating or selling it. Added bonus: when I do this exercise, I usually re-discover something amazing that I forgot I owned.


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1. To purchase more brands with better ethics and business standards

2. To thrift / consignment shop more then I buy new clothing

3. To wear more then the same 3 outfits I love every week, mixing it up more, no being so boring with my outfit choices.

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So tell us, what are you style #goals for 2016? Any of you feeling these vibes? Anybody have new hopes for the coming year? Let us know in the comments! :)

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