Resale vs. Consignment - What's the Deal?

Take a look around your closet, how many clothes and accessories could be in another place without you even noticing it? If the answer starts with “ Well…” it’s time to rethink your whole consumption profile. The idea of buying fashion pieces that had a previous owner doesn't transport us to the "flea market" scenario anymore. Au contraire, consignment and resales stores with amazing product selection (such as ourselves!) are the best way to keep your closet in balance through the seasons. It’s trendy, it’s eco, it’s chic, and best of all: it’s totally affordable!

And then you find amazing places to make your “Extreme Makeover - Closet Edition”, and see some called Consignment and others Resale, can you tell the difference? I f you've been keeping your eyes on the designer handbags only and have no idea of the distinctions between these two terminologies, we got your back:

And finally, what’s OUR deal? We’re so glad you asked. Mine & Yours deals mostly with resales - consignment are strictly to luxury handbags. Check out the four (super easy) steps to sell us your amazing selection:

*Check out our  “Sell to Us” page for details.

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