Are you here for Gucci's 2 in 1 buckled shoes?

Are you here for Gucci's 2 in 1 buckled shoes?

Milan Fashion Week started with Gucci as it’s 4th show at 2:30 pm and surely it is an epic way to start the Italian Fashion Week. The Boudoir pink is a strong presence in Alessandro’s Spring 2017 show, As seen on the velvet covered runway. The garments were fashioned in a very unique style of Alessandro’s hunger for the opulent and evocative influence of the 70’s that can be seen again in this collection. Recognizably be seen in those glimmering and glamour suggesting glasses. Though one thing that seems to perplex us is that of Alessandro’s debut of Gucci’s newest 2 in 1 platforms. It’s basically your typical Gucci loafer attached in a platform, and yes, it is removable! Hence as it is 2 in 1. Practical it is, Alessandro’s quirk is the reason he is gaining a large cult following of fashionholics.

We can definitely see this as a top novelty piece. Florence Welch who is quite the designer’s main influence and muse made an appearance with her own voice. Ms. Welch uttered the great poems of the idiosyncratic poet, painter and print maker; William Blake as part of the show’s soundtrack. Alessandro is surely on the different spectrum on the current palette of the Fashion Industry. With Demna Gvsalia, Gosha Rubichinsky, and Kanye West currently headlining and blazing us with their sabotaged and botched deliverance of every subcultures out there. Michele’s maximalist point of view with embroidery, patching, ruffled or gathered fabrics, prints, and the strong presence of primary colours is a breath of fresh air from the dystopian and minimalist atmosphere of the industry.

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