Paige Sandher's LA Style Guide

Paige Sandher's LA Style Guide

We love celebrating "personal style." Dressing up can be a creative outlet that takes place every morning when you choose an outfit from your fabulous closet! Today we're featuring the style guide of Paige Sandher, a local business woman in Vancouver!


Chanel Small Boy Bag: $4,495


Recently, Paige came into our Luxury Resale Boutique (Mine + Yours) for some designer pieces for her LA Trip. One of the most rewarding parts of the luxury consignment business is seeing how everyone styles their little treasures! All of the pieces that Paige pulled for her trip are still available online from us. All of the items are from 40-80% off the original retail price!


Chanel Tweed Sneaker, Size 37: $450


"I love a good pantsuit, but with a splash of colour! I have tried to ditch the basic all black look (unless I'm pairing it with straight sleek hair and red lip). I also found 'work clothing' to be unflattering and uncomfortable, so I try my best to dress for my body's curves - high waisted always." - Paige Sandher


We are obsessing over how Paige paired her iconic pink pantsuit with our classic Chanel Boy Bag and our unique Tweed Chanel sneakers. After all, Chanel really does complete an outfit. 


Baleniaga Purple Cardigan, Size Medium: $850


Paige Sandher isn't the first business mogul to reach for this Balenciaga monogram cardigan! Khloe Kardashian (yes THE Khloe Kardashian) wore this purple cardigan for her sister's launch of the Stormi collection for Kylie Cosmetics. We are so happy that Paige is not afraid to wear colour, because this shade of lilac is gorgeous on her. The joys of luxury resale is you can find special pieces like this cardigan, that are no longer sold in stores (plus a cheaper price doesn't hurt!)


Chanel Tennis Shirt: $250


A go-to coffee date outfit is essential to a woman's wardrobe. That one outfit you feel confident in and can pull out when someone asks to meet you in a cafe super last minute! This Chanel Tennis T shirt says "I'm casual but, still put together and FIERCE." Paige's drink of choice is a Whiskey Sour, so if you're looking to book her for a meeting keep that in mind and maybe stop at a restaurant after the cafe!








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