Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Make your mom cry this Mother's Day. Cry tears of joy and excitement over her present from you, of course! Our Mother's Day Gift Guide features pieces for every mom and price point. Luxury resale can be the best option to find unique gifts, perfect for someone special in your life! Being a designer consignment boutique, we wanted to showcase that you can give the gift of luxury, for less! This gift guide includes some pieces with their original packaging and tags!


Christian Dior Silver Bow Necklace: $150


This Christian Dior secondhand necklace is an accessory your mom will cherish forever! The necklace comes with the original box, so your mom will have the same luxury experience, as if you bought the item from the Dior boutique! 


Louis Vuitton Monogram Heart Coin Pouch: $395


The way to your mom's heart - this Louis Vuitton heart shaped coin pouch. It's the perfect size to fit into her everyday purse and she'll think of you every time she pulls it out. This mother's day gift is an easy way to ensure you're her favourite child. 


Isabel Marant Scarf: $75


If you're practicing proper social distancing rules - it could mean that you aren't able to physically hug your mom this Mother's Day. Gift her this new, with tags, Isabel Marant scarf that can act as a warm hug from you to her, until you're allowed to give her the real deal! Our Vancouver luxury consignment boutique always has items that are brand new with their original tags still attached, so if you're not yet comfortable with gifting a 'used' item, we have options for you!


Gucci Brown Monogram Handle Bag: $350


We believe that every mother DESERVES a luxurious, designer, everyday, bag. Have you ever had a moment where you've asked your mom for something completely random and she's pulled it out of her purse like it wasn't a big deal? That's what this Gucci Monogram bag is perfect for. Think Mary Poppins carry-all magic purse, but designer. 


Louis Vuitton Tortoise Shell Key Chain


We love the idea of gifting your mom something that will remind her of you every single day! With this fabulous gift whenever your mother reaches for her keys, she'll think of you and smile. Or if your mom has a classic black crossbody bag she loves, this is the perfect piece to spice it up!


We hope this Mother's Day Gift Guide inspired you to shop local and support the benefits of second hand shopping! To shop the entire fabulous Mother's Day Gifts collection at Mine & Yours, click here! 


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