Chloe & Stella

We’re sharing some insights about two of our favorite ladies & brands: Chloe & Stella. We always have a little bit of both in store for anyone seeking their elegance and sophistication.




“All I’ve ever wanted was for Chloé to have a happy spirit, to make people happy.”
-Gabby Aghion




To me, Chloé is the epitome of ‘French Femininity’. The design house was established in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, who rejected the stiff formality of 1950s fashion. With headquarters in Paris, France, Chloe's stunning designs can be found in the wardrobes of celebrities including Sienna Miller, Madonna, Katie Holmes and Camerion Diaz.

Chloe is also known for launching the careers for young designers such as 28 year old Karl Lagerfeld in 1966 and the 26 year-old Stella McCartney in 1997. Today Hannah MacGibbon leads the Chloe brand in design and creative direction. The brand hones the romantic insouciance of 'Left Bank' the southern bank of the Siene River in Paris and is known historically to be the center for Parisian artists, philosophers and writers.

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“I was brought up to believe we are here on planet earth together.”
-Stella McCartney

We often carry Stella McCartney, daughter to Paul McCartney (The Beatles of course). She shares his genuine talent as an English fashion designer. On her mom’s side she follows her lead as an animal lover and activist and is known in the industry as a leader for vegetarian - animal-free alternatives in her work as well as sustainable practice!

Did you know that despite their fame, the McCartneys wanted their children to lead lives that were as normal as possible, so Stella and her siblings attended local state schools in East Sussex.

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