Strong Women: May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

Please join us today in celebrating some incredible women from our community! We wanted to put together a campaign that honours women from all different career paths. We believe that a woman should be two things, who and what she wants. All of the women we had participate in this campaign all radiate beauty from the inside out, which is something that should be celebrated not just today, but everyday!





Shiva has built herself a career that we've deemed to be "the dream job," she's the Executive Wine Director for Savio Volpe. Shiva's personality is warm and welcoming, making everyone in the room feel included in conversation! Not to mention, she came ALIVE when she put on our fabulous pink Manolo Blahnik's. 




Mala Collective's founder! We've worked with Ashley before for our Christmas campaign and we had to have her back to celebrate her entrepreneurship journey and kind heart. We love her company's eco-friendly initiatives and we often include her products in our sustainable gift guides!



Sangeetha is a Family Physician in Vancouver. Family Doctor's spend their work week taking complete care of others. We would describe Sangeetha as a positive, ray of sunshine which is why we weren't surprised when she gravitated to our yellow floral dress!



Samantha is a Marketing Consultant who focuses primarily on health and wellness! We applaud Samantha for helping to shape brands that have a greater purpose. Samantha also looks like the marketing powerhouse she is, in our new structured Gucci dress!



Taylor is the founder of the Beayoutiful Foundation, a Canadian Charity dedicated to inspiring young girls to discover inner-beauty and build self-confidence. Along with Taylor, we believe that Women are the future so we were super excited to learn more about how her charity empowers the next generation of women. 



Celebrating International Women's Day wouldn't feel complete if we didn't mention our fearless leader Courtney! At Mine & Yours we are lucky to have a predominantly female team (and two incredible men.) Courtney is an inspiring leader, empowering her team to make decisions and work on projects that they're passionate about! 


This campaign is a thank you to all of the incredible women in our lives. In 2020, we'd love to include more outstanding women from our community in our photoshoots. If there's someone in your life who inspires you, send us a message! 


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