How To Authenticate A Chanel Bag

How To Authenticate A Chanel Bag

At Mine & Yours, we pride ourselves in our expertise with authenticating our luxury designer pieces! Authenticity is always guaranteed with us and as a luxury consignment and resale boutique we understand the importance of knowing your Chanel bag is real! There are many aspects to consider when authenticating your Chanel purse, we will help you navigate these below!



Chanel started utilizing date codes in 1984, every bag comes with a sticker containing a serial number and a corresponding authenticity card. Date code stickers can be found on the inside lining. Authenticity cards have a gold border. Fake authenticity cards can be spotted by uneven border placement or have a holographic reflection.


Reading a Chanel Date Code:

  • First number of a date code will indicate the year the bag was made.
  • A 9-digit serial number is an indication of a fake

See our table below for Chanel date code examples and what to look for!








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How to authenticate a Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag.


Bag Features:

  • Back Pocket: Make sure all the squares and triangles match up accordingly (especially where the back pocket is stitched on). If there is a mismatch at any point, it is a fake bag
  • Front CC Closure: The left C (as you’re facing it) should always overlap the right C at the bottom. It’s very common in the fake bags for this to be switched
  • Inside Hardware Logo: Engraving on the snap inside the bag should say CHANEL PARIS



  • Interior Logo: Printed logo in the interior of the bag should say CHANEL and MADE IN FRANCE Chanel bags are made in either Italy or France. Watch out for stamps that read “made in Paris.”
  • Interior Flap CC: Should be overlapping correctly: left C (as you’re facing it) always overlapping right C at the bottom
  • Stitching: Each stitch is obvious and visible, make sure there is at least 10 stitches per inch
  • Serial tag: There should be a 8 digit serial tag inside the bag in the corner
  • 8 Digit Serial Numbers: There should strike through the 0s and the serial tag
  • Vintage bags: Have 7 digit serial numbers




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How to authenticate a Chanel Grand Shopping Tote or Any Other Chanel Bag.


Bag Features:

  • CC Logo: Anywhere there is a CC logo, the left bottom part of the C should always overlap the right C (as you are facing it). This is the case both on leather and hardware
  • Interior Logo: Lettering in Chanel stamps is always clean and sharp. Beware of crooked or messy logos with blurred fonts and uneven spacing. Always Made in France or Italy.
  • Hardware Logos: Zipper pulls at the interior should be branded and have CHANEL and CC logo on the back
  • Rings: that hold the straps on should have screws with one slash through them. There should never be a Philip’s head screw on a Chanel bag


Serial Number: 

  • If there is no serial number, it’s not authentic
  • There should be a little leather tag with a white background and serial number on it
  • In GST, serial number is located at front bottom part of the interior
  • It should be a Serif font and a slash through 0s


We hope this helps you in authenticating some of the Chanel treasures you find! At Mine & Yours, we pride ourselves in guaranteeing authenticity in our pre-loved designer pieces. Along with our buying team's expertise and knowledge in authenticating, we also use a third party app to provide further certification proving authenticity of our items. Shopping consignment or secondhand has many benefits to both our closet and environment - we are here to ensure you are spending your money on luxury pieces made from high quality materials. 


If you have any questions about authentication we'd love to help out! Send us an email or a message on our Instagram page. If you have designer pieces you'd like to consign or sell to us, please make an appointment here: Book Appointment








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