How to Buy A Chanel Bag for $0

How to Buy A Chanel Bag for $0

This is the story of how a local Vancouver girl, bought a Chanel bag from us for $0. It's not a fairy-tale, it's not a fallacy and the best part is; you can do it to!

What do you do with your closet items that you fall out of love with? The answer should be, bringing them to Mine & Yours (Luxury Resale Boutique) and exchanging them for store credit. That's exactly what local Vancouver fashion influencer, Jessica Luxe did and three years later, she had saved up enough credit for A VINTAGE CHANEL BAG!


How I Paid $0 For My First Chanel Video - Jessica Luxe


If you're a fellow fashion lover, you know the value of a Chanel item. To get technical, studies have found that a Chanel bag is a better investment than a house, reselling up to 70% per year. Proving to be a much better resale value than most other investments. So you can tell this information to anyone questioning you when you're telling them you are saving up for a Chanel!



Now back to Jessica's incredible story. For most girls, a classic Chanel bag can seem like an impossible dream. After all, the prices of these bags can run you over $5,000. We love how Jessica told her unique purchasing journey, because most consumers don't realize that saving up store credit for a Chanel is even possible! 

By bringing in your pre-loved, clothing, shoes and accessories you are accomplishing two things at once! You are helping slow down fast fashion by choosing to give your clothes a second life instead of a trip to the landfill. You're also receiving store credit to purchase that item you've always dreamed of having! The store credit buy-out option is incredible because it's like a savings account that you can't touch! Jessica mentioned she felt that her store credit was "out of sight, out of mind" which allowed her to save and not spend!


On Sale Vintage Chanel Bag 

Much like Jessica, at Mine & Yours we also believe in QUALITY over quantity. So whether you're saving up for a classic vintage Chanel bag, dior saddle bag or whatever designer piece you're dreaming of - we can help you! Our buying days are: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. We can't wait to see you and get you some store-credit towards something fabulous!


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