My M&Y Style

My M&Y Style

Hi everyone! I’m Michaela; I work at Mine & Yours alongside studying at UBC. In the ‘Instagram age’ we live in, with Insta-superstars such as Leandra Medine or Chiara Ferragni, I've found myself overwhelmed by the surplus of sartorial options and the seemingly ‘more is more’ lives of style bloggers and influencers. Particularly, I’ve struggled with how this translates to my own personal style. I’ve always been more of a ‘jeans and a T-shirt’ kind of girl and if I can’t see myself wearing something more than a handful of times? I’m out.

Mine & Yours gets so many incredible pieces, from so many incredible wardrobes, that it can be somewhat tough to know where to start. The way I’ve come to see it, though, is that instead of simply providing one with infinite options, it is actually the perfect retail opportunity to really hone in on what your own personal style is. In a sea of beautiful things, it’s a playground to test out your style and to see what feels truly 'you' by allowing you to simultaneously find those ‘perfect’ pieces (I’ve definitely found some of mine) and to sell back the things that don’t really seem to work for your personal style.

Some of my most worn pieces are ones I’ve acquired from Mine & Yours, like a Comme Des Garçons striped T-shirt (which I'm wearing in the top photo), an APC wool scarf, and a black Acne open cardi.  These are the kinds of pieces that perfectly fit my ‘jeans and a T-shirt’ kind of style and are from collections I've long admired. They are true wardrobe workhorses that I know I will continue to wear over and over... but at a fraction of the cost I would’ve payed retail!

So, in the fledgling stages of this new year, I’m recommitting myself to my true style. I’ve included some of my own style muses, some ‘jeans and a T-shirt’ kind of girls. Their chic & distinctive takes on the style I aspire to are what have been inspiring me lately; hopefully you can find some inspiration as well!

Anne-Laure Mais 'Adenorah' @adenorah

Reese Blunstein 'Double3xposure@double3xposure

Lucy Williams 'Fashion Me Now' @lucywilliams02

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