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SHOP OUR SALE COLLECTION UP TO 80% OFF. Hundreds of new items added to sale, prices are as marked.
Snow Day

Snow Day

We've gotten more than our fair share of snow days in Vancouver this past Winter. I don't know about you guys, but I was exponentially more excited for the first snow days of the season than I was to wake up to one today. That being said, it's been quite some time since most of us have actually had to 'dress' for true Winter weather.

I debated for an embarrassingly long time  whether to get this Sandro teddy coat, in the top picture, which we had in store at Mine & Yours. I finally succumbed to my obvious gravitation towards it and have ended up wearing it pretty much every other day this past season (particularly on the cold snowy ones). I don't think anyone quite believed that this was the Winter that Vancouver was in for, and I don't know what I would have done without my newly acquired teddy coat.

Although I'd say most of us feel more than a little bitter towards this weather, it's an opportunity to embrace the style choices that us Vancouverites normally wouldn't have; a ginormous faux-fur coat would most definitely not have fared well in our typically torrential Winters.

We've got some pretty fantastic Winter coats still in store, and at great deals; there's an incredible plaid version of the same coat that I got! There are also some beautiful Moncler and Canada Goose parkas, which add a nice laid-back edge to a street style look while being utterly practical in this snowy weather. You don't even have to leave the cozy comfort of home to check them out as they're all available at !

So let's (em)brace the cold & warm up in something snuggly.

Images top to bottom: Mina Cvetcovik via The Urban Spotter, FIGTNY, last two photos by Julien Boudet/ via Pop Sugar

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