Stella McCartney's youthful Menswear collection unveiled.

Stella McCartney's youthful Menswear collection unveiled.

The patron of sustainability that is Ms. McCartney has finally unfolded her long waited menswear collection. Stella gloriously developed a potent congregation of supporters, thanks to her firm fealty for the contemporary aesthetic and the herbivorous approach in her brand. It is something that led her to massive stardom, hence the forks were raised once she finally announces her menswear collection. The daughter of Sir Paul McCartney previewed the collection at a Methodist chapel across the street from the abbey road studios. If needed to be recalled it is probably the most infamous recording studio in pop culture. Thanks to the Beatles of who her father was a member, named one of their historic albums after the studio. Stella palpably sourced her menswear collection from the recurring trend of the 60's. As if the choice of venue wasn't good enough of a clue.

There's a playful aroma that girdles this collection from Mackintosh raincoats, Prince of Wales check, Carpenter pants, Maharishi influence that were reinterpreted in shirts that resembles a dashiki tunic, a staple for the stella btrand as it can be recalled by her past collections, and football scarves that was most likely a sort of nod to the British obsession with the sport. It was generally youthful much like the 60's in London. London was in full swing of cultural proportions during the 60's. The rise of the Beatles, Mary Quant's mini skirt, Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton's impact in fashion are a but a few phenomenons that changed Britain. This collection is  a meditation of the past's influence and juxtaposed it in our contemporary perspective. It is in the Stella DNA, her growing up within the wings of her father's fame has made her embraced cultural change at a very adolescent age. Her acceptance of change is sanguine, hence the protocols of how her garments are made is something designers should adapt as well. Stella represents the Millennial generation that wants change and being bold. Her collections are anti-branding, a polar opposite towards the biggest fashion houses. The menswear collection is a clear offspring of that concept. It's all about aesthetic with Stella, and the millennial's hunger for identity is apparently a market that she's penetrating. This menswear launch is but a start of her growing ambition and pride.

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