The Calamity of Kanye's 4th Yeezy Collection

The Calamity of Kanye's 4th Yeezy Collection

Models seen as they endure the intense heat of the east coast weather

Models seen as they endure the intense heat of the east coast weather.


The controversial rapper presented his show at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park. A memorial park that pays homage to the late American president Franklin D. Roosevelt and his infamous speech on January 6, 1941 at the U.S. Congress, during his State of the Union Address. The speech confers his proposition of the four fundamental freedoms that humanity has a right to obtain. The Freedom of Speech, The Freedom of Worship, Freedom from want, and Freedom from fear. The American rapper seems to linger his collection with an affidavit for politics. Knowing how the yeezy brain works it was obviously willful of him to take such action. Under the current political weather of the U.S. within the Republican party and its litigious entrant, Donald Trump. American civics is in turmoil for the racially biased billionaire is causing a massive congregation of animosity within the American Population. Kanye knows how to constitute a deliberate concept as based on his past albums who were mostly critically acclaimed. His album; My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is considered to be a game changer in rap music. For this fourth Yeezy collection, Kanye wants to remind us that freedom exists and it is our choice to acquire it and hinder it from our thoughts. Thus the venue was a choice for intention.


A model struggles to walk in her heeled boots

His concept for animosity is agreeable but The execution of the show was a massive catastrophe. Vogue runway director Nicole Phelps stated that they waited for more than an hour for the show to start. Other Vogue editors left the show early due to the show’s perplexity of operations. The parade of garmented models in flesh tones and black gave an impression that it was all of the show’s extent. The choice of venue and the current east coast weather was a horrible formula to contrive with, in result models began to faint and collapse due to the intense heat. Though this drama wasn’t all of it, during the actual catwalk a model struggled to walk in her boots that were simply faulty in construction. Bergdorf and Goodman Fashion Director Bruce Pask stepped out of his seat and helped the fragile woman finish her walk.

Aside from this calamity, the clothes were all purely monochromatic. Tones of neutrality that looked sun faded dominated the collection’s palette. Tight and slinky knitwear that were accompanied by massive over the knee heeled boots were seen. Oversized parkas, Anoraks and Shearling jackets were the focal points of this show. Though the styling and construction of the garments can be stemmed through the influence of the Georgian designer who is the founder of the subculturally cult brand Vetements and now the creative helm behind Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia and his sidekick the Russian stylist Lotta Volkova. The duo was the progenitor of this movement of fashion were subcultures were mixed into one aesthetic. Kanye’s brand has never lead the fashion cycle, for he emulates of what the current system craves for. He would eventually market his collections as high art, accompanied by a strong source of concept and ideas. The Yeezy brand is strong in perception but lacks the architecture to support it. It is a limbo that we will keep observing as he will always be a musician at heart and in our eyes.

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