Trend Alert: Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Trend Alert: Summer Wardrobe Essentials

The temperature is up and the sun is shining, and that calls for one of our favourite fashion seasons of the year: Summer! This means flowy ensembles, pops of colour, too-cool-for-school shades, and ample crossbody bags for the daily adventure, (or vacation)!

This summer is incredibly special with trends coming out left and right, and we hope some are here to stay. However, with so many popular and unique items coming out on fashion racks, it’s sometimes hard to know what to buy, how to style it, and if it’s worth the purchase. To make that process easier, we’ve compiled some of our favourite Summer Looks -so be sure to get in on them before Fall comes! All these items can be found on our online store,, in-store, or bought online through our Instagram. @mineandyoursco.

Off-The-Shoulder Tops

We bet you saw this one coming. Summer 2017 is not Summer 2017 without the mention of off-the-shoulder tops. I mean, what is there not to love? They’re cute, versatile, breathable, and despite sometimes uncomfortable, are perfect for the season’s humid weather. This uber cute Talulah dress is in store, and we have others as well - be sure to come check it out or message us on Instagram for inquiries!

Mine and Yours Jumper    Mine and Yours off the shoulder

Left: Self Portrait $345 (Retail $615). Right: Talulah $225, size M.

Crossbody Galore

You can’t deny that crossbodies are the perfect bag for summer activities. Whether you’re popping into the mall, or going downtown for a drink with the girls, a crossbody fits in all your essentials, without the extra shoulder pain. Catering to various shapes and sizes, there is ample variety to match ANY outfit, (or perhaps even act as a statement piece).

Mine and Yours Chloe Crossbody    Mine and Yours Crossbody

Left: Chloe Drew Crossbody $1495. Right: 3.1 Phillip Lim $695 (retail $1190)

Loafers and Sandals

Cute, luxe, and comfortable are the perfect words to sum up summer loafers and sandals. Go full on high fashion with a pair of Guccis, or tone it down with some comfortable espadrilles. Whatever you fancy -we probably have it. Pair sandals with a pair of loose shorts or high waisted jean shorts, to have a put together look without spending hours deciding your outfit. For the Guccis, they’ll spruce up any outfit, so we really don’t think you can go wrong!

Mine and Yours Gucci Loafers    Mine and Yours Fendi Loafers

Left: Gucci s8, $795. Right: Fendi s10.5, $395 (retail $975).

Colourful Statement Pieces

Summer is the time for colour. Colour blocking, colourful patterns, colourful shoes, and more. Bright tones capture the essence of the season and really make you feel like you’re sitting on a tropical beach with a margarita in hand, (or at least we wish). Feel free to switch things up with funky patterns from Kenzo for an even cuter summer look.

Mine and Yours Mary Katrantzou    Mine and Yours

Left: Mary Katrantzou, XS and NWT $245. Right: Les Petites Silk Dress, $65.

Summer Whites

Pristine whites are great for summer. They absorb less heat, and they provide beautiful contrast against any skin tone. This can be transferred across multiple forms of clothing. Shirts, dresses, shoes, accessories, and more! No better time than the Summer to bust out your white treasures and avoid them from getting dirty in the rain.

Mine and Yours Isabel MarantMine and Yours IRO t-shirt

Left: Isabel Marant tiered skirt s26, $225. Right: IRO White T, M $55

Tinted Sunnies

If you follow fashion bloggers on Instagram and Youtube, you’ve had to have seen those yellow tinted sunglasses. I mean, they do look incredibly cool. While we can’t say if tinted sunnies will stay super in trend next Summer, if you love them -buy them! At the end of the day, who cares if they're a “trend?”

Tinted Sunnies

Of course, any of these trends are subject to change, so wear what you love to wear. If you like neutrals, maybe take a chance this summer and try something completely different, or even start small with a coloured belt or accessory. Fashion is what you make it to be, no matter what your personal style is. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover yourself as someone who loves Gucci loafers or Moschino belts. At the end of the day, whether or not you choose to buy into some of these trends, we don’t doubt you’ll look just as good.

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