We Got It From Our Mamas

We Got It From Our Mamas

This year Mothers Day might look a little bit different. With the restrictions in place due to COVID19, some of us might not be able to see our moms and give them a warm hug, hand them a bouquet of flowers or cheers a glass of wine! So this Mother's Day our team at Mine & Yours wanted to celebrate in an extra special way - a loving, online, tribute to our mamas! 

We encourage you to do the same! Write your mom an extra long text telling her why you love her, share an old favourite photo of the two of you together and if your mom is an avid Facebook user, tag her in a thoughtfully written post!

We hope you enjoy this lighthearted letter to our mothers. Through this team campaign it's clear that all of our moms are exceptional in their own way and all have wildly different styles. Nothing beats a true vintage mom outfit in our eyes and most of us still raid our mother's closet! 



Courtney's Mom, Laurie


My start in fashion was dressing up in my moms closet and to this day I am still borrowing her clothes.  Especially for living out in Maple Ridge, this woman definitely had style. She’s adventurous with what she wears from her biker babe days to leopard or loud prints and the fabulous Gucci head scarves she wears.  While my brother and dad went off to hockey camps, my mom and I went on shopping trips to West Edmonton Mall or Seattle. It's really no wonder why I started a store, my mom formed this exciting yet, expensive hobby of mine quite young! I'm so grateful to have her as a mom, we can spend weeks together travelling, she’s an incredible cook, supports me on all my crazy decisions with a bit of motherly caution and is just one of the best people to be around. 



Ginny's Mom, Pauline


This photo was taken in 1980, she was working for The Dominion Post as a cadet reporter for the newspaper in Wellington, New Zealand where we lived. My mum is hilarious, I don't think she even knows how funny she is. She is strong and resilient. She is loyal to her friends. She is an excellent gardener. She is a great seamstress - she made my prom dress! I miss seeing her everyday. My mums style is casual chic, always paired with a great handbag.



Krystina's Mom, Maricar


My mom is the most resilient and selfless woman on earth! She moved here from the Philippines by herself when she was young, went back to college while raising three kids at home and graduated at the top of her class. My mom has always taught me the importance of taking care of the pieces in my closet - which I’ve grown to appreciate more in regards to sustainability. She keeps her clothes in impeccable condition for years! Her style is the perfect blend of timeless pieces and fun prints or colours! Whenever I visit her I love raiding her closet - and mom if you’re reading this can I please have the gold hoops from your jewelry box?



Parinaz's Mom, Parissa


She's the most giving and caring person I've ever met and I am always thankful for her endless and unconditional love and support. She likes pieces that are timeless and stylish at the same time. Everyone knows that half of the clothing I own were my mom's so that definitely explains it all!



Sabrina's Mom, Anne 

When I look at the person who I am today, I recognize that it is all thanks to my mom. She is the most caring, compassionate, nurturing, and strong woman. She has taught me the importance of selflessness and what it means to lend a helping hand. My mother’s style definitely reflects her personality: wild and unpredictable. Her go to day time look is definitely something printed and colourful. For a night time OOTD, she loves her LBD’s!



Megan's Mom, Rhodelia 

As long as I can remember, my mom has always been so supportive of me and my siblings. She's always been so hardworking, headstrong and so dedicated to our family. She's my biggest cheerleader and always encourages me to work hard. I want to honour my mama for all she does and all that she is! My mom's style usually prioritizes comfort over everything, but she loves accessorizing - especially with her Louis bags


Kaeli's Mom, Teryl

She is the queen of all things cooking and canning, and crafting. Back in Ontario, she runs a cute little Farmers Market in cottage county. In her free time she is an avid crossbow hunter and loves to go for long hikes in the woods. Her style is usually “Camouflage Chic” but she lets me play stylist and find her trendy pieces. She’s a big fan of denim and always accessorizes with family heirlooms.


Thank you to all of the fabulous mom's out there! If you've completely forgotten to send your mom a gift this year - check out our Mother's Day Gift Guide. It's full of incredible designer gifts for every mom and price point! Designer consignment or luxury resale is a fantastic way to find your mom a gift that's unique and special, just like her! We have the best secondhand luxury selection in Vancouver, so don't forget to check out our website, our 20% off sale ends soon!

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