Been changing from your day pajamas to your night pajamas? Haven't left the house except to stalk the empty grocery store aisles looking for TP and bread? "Accidentally" spent all your money on takeout? 

Sounds like you need to glam up your life, girlfriend. We challenge you to dress up in your best duds and werk from home this week!

Tag us in your photos on Instagram @mineandyoursco #werkfromhomechallenge and we'll share the love and feature you on our Instagram stories!

I definitely feel my best while wearing fur and drinking out of crystal... both vintage of course!  With this challenge we wanted to lighten everyone's moods and represent one of our brand's values: connect & uplift!

I LOVE any type of team bonding and when it includes dressing up in Chanel I'm all in. I set up my photo in the solarium because of the natural sunlight! You'll also find my other favourite things in the shot: Sapiens, a book that I'm currently re-reading in isolation, my beloved plants (the only ones I haven't accidentally killed) and beer from a local brewery!

This challenge got me outta my PJs and putting on makeup for the first time in days! Also, my laundry finally got some much needed TLC. I miss my little work family but it was nice to join in on the fun and get the good vibes flowing again.

This challenge was SO much fun! I think was just what we needed to temporarily distract ourselves from all the negativity that is going on in the media today.   I hope this allows our community to see that you can still dress up and have a good time during the quarantine.

I tried to capture a few things that I've been spending time on during the COVID-19 crisis. Working from home, trying to learn a new instrument, and reading good books! During these hard times, it's important to have fun! Dressing up with my favourite pieces was exactly what I needed!

I wanted to create a dreamy landscape like in the movies and doing this photoshoot proved there are no limitations to what you can create!  This photoshoot made me feel so confident and connected to the team which made it 1000x better!

I like to get the most bang for my buck, so I wanted to make sure this dress could do double duty! JK JK!  But I had heaps of fun dressing up with Buster and practicing my warrior poses. I would not suggest doing yoga in platform sandals though.

This challenge was super fun because I had the chance to get out of my home garbs and do my makeup! Since nightclubs are closed I brought the club to my house! This challenge also made me feel more connected to the team & was the perfect opportunity for all of us to let our creativity shine in the comfort of our own homes!

I almost gave myself a concussion doing this photoshoot... but before that, it was nice to wash my hair for the first time in a week! It felt really really good to practice some self love, zhouj myself up and yell at my boyfriend while he took my photo.

You’re not alone when you have your Louis! 😜

Once I heard about this challenge, I instantly knew exactly what to grab. This silk Alexander Wang pajama set - because staying chic doesn't mean you can't be comfortable! Social distancing hasn't been the easiest, but spending time alone in my own home has made me realize that sometimes you just gotta dress up for yourself!



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