What to Pack: Weekend Getaway

What to Pack: Weekend Getaway

I remember planning a trip to Seattle last month and I had everything ready-- except a packed bag, of course. Because I am the way I am (terribly), I left packing to the absolute last minute. I recall immediately regretting not starting earlier because I was tired and had little energy to think about the cute outfits I wanted to bring along with me for that weekend (Come on, we've all been there). So here I am, sharing some tips and outfits that will hopefully help you decrease the frantic last-minute packing anxiety that I know we all get. Below I have also featured some of the items in our store that you can grab for your travels!

Tip 1: Versatility

If you're anything like me, I tend to overpack and find myself not wearing half of the clothes that I bring along with me. The trick to packing the optimal amount is to find pieces that are versatile and pair well together with other pieces. Choosing staple wardrobe pieces go a long way when mixed and matched with a few statement pieces. 

Diane von Furstenburg sheath dress, size small, $125

Tip 2: Travel Bag

Givenchy Nightingale Tote

Having a spacious travel bag is essential to travelling for the weekend. You can easily pack a smaller day bag inside for just your essentials, but having a larger carry on bag is extremely important. 

Givenchy Nightingale Tote, $850

Tip 3: Compartmentalize

Roberto Cavalli Travel Case

In addition to a staple spacious bag, to keep organized throughout your trip, compartmentalize your belongings. This tip is super simple but it makes travelling so much easier when you know where everything is. Bringing smaller pouches to store accessories, makeup, documents, and chargers separately makes the world of a difference instead of rummaging through your large bad trying to find that one earring in one of the 5 slip pockets in your bag.  

Roberto Cavalli Travel Case $95


I hope that these tips help with your packing in the future! 

Feel free to comment and share some of your favourite packing/travel tips below! We'd love to learn some new tricks and hacks to packing for a weekend getaway!

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