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Haus Of Hybrid: Fashion Purge: Mine & Yours Co

By Emily Ross, Haus Of Hybrid, September 3, 2013

Have you always found consignment stores a little daunting? It’s quite a process to gather all the items you’ve reluctantly decided to part with, trek to the store, and then wait, wait, wait, for a call to come and pick up your cheque.

Luckily, Mine & Yours Co. has introduced a new concept that allows you to clean your closet of on-trend and mint condition items while making cash up-front. That’s right – they pay cash as soon as they take an item!

Their ‘Reverse Shopping Parties’ bring together a variety of Vancouver’s most stylish ladies and shop their closets. This allows them to get some great pieces, while you network with other connected people, and enjoy some drinks and bites.

This concept is not only a great way to get rid of some closet clutter, but is just another step towards being more sustainable in terms of fashion. Another cool thing is that they pull and pick from some of Vancouver’s A-list, including some of the infamous Real Housewives!

Right now, the Mine & Yours Co. team is working on building up and inventory for both a retail and online store – more details on both of these to come soon! They hope these two stores will become go-to places for Vancouver women to update their wardrobes in an easy and affordable way.

 "...they pull and pick from some of Vancouver’s A-list.."

Another initiative they’ve started is “Fashion Talks” that brings together Vancouver-area fashion lovers and industry professionals. A great platform for bloggers to connect, as it can be easy to get lost behind the computer screen, Sarah and I attended this event last week. It was a blast to meet some other ladies, browse the Mine & Yours Co. collection (it’s gorgeous!), and talk shop about blogs. They plan to host more in the future – so stay tuned.

It may be fall, but there’s always time for some spring cleaning!

For more information about Mine & Yours Co., visit their website and Facebook page.


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