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By Erin Shaw, Stimuli Magazine, February 6th 2014

Being a brand-name bargain hunter in Vancouver can be challenging. Our dollar has dropped, and the primo price we pay at our downtown department stores ensures that most of us need to make a choice between our bills and our Balenciaga. Then came Mine and Yours.

This tiny new boutique in downtown Vancouver is based on the resale model popular in Los Angeles and Parisian shops. Second-hand but not consignment, owners Jigme and Courtney will make you an offer on your gently worn items, and you, smart lady, will walk away with cash! It’s simpler than consignment with the store taking on the risk, meaning you know they’ll only take items they are sure to sell. Pieces in Mine and Yours are always on-trend and in some cases, still in stores.

Wondering about the brands you’ll find? Their current wish list includes everything from Top Shop to Prada, and they don’t discriminate against fast fashion brands either. They stock the store by purchasing items from Vancouver’s best stylists and fashion bloggers, as well as from…you guessed it…me and you.

Editor’s Note:

Our new contributor, Erin,  is also the host of West Coast Style on Shaw TV. Take a look at this segment about Mine & Yours:




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