Scout Magazine: LOOKCITY| New "Mine & Yours" Boutique on Hornby St. Changing Consignment Rules

By Robyn Yaeger, Scout Magazine, November 8th 2013

Do you ever find yourself standing in front of your closet, staring at clothes that seldom make the rotation? Do they haunt you because you know you have the need to get rid of them, but you just can’t find it in your heart (or your wallet) to simply give them away or donate them? Have you had previous problems with consignment shops, returning to the store only to find that only a portion of your items have sold and the gamble you took on lugging all of your old items in feels barely worth it? Well, we have found a store for you that can cure all of the above concerns.

Jigme Love is the founder of the new Mine & Yours Co., a carefully curated women’s resale shop (not to be confused with a consignment store) located at 1060 Hornby Street. What sets it apart from other stores is that they offer 30% up-front in cash on your items.

After spending the summer collecting inventory, they opened just a few weeks ago. Pieces in their current collection range from low-end to high-end (ie. from Topshop to Chanel). In addition to offering an extraordinary assortment of garments, they also get the community involved creating and fostering relationships with Vancouver’s talented stylists, bloggers, and local celebrities.

The Mine & Yours team is made up of three extremely smart and stylish women – Jigme Love (founder), Joanna Chaffin (buyer), Courtney Watkins (partner) – and each of them bring a broad knowledge of art, fashion, and business to the table. Check out the shop for some super nice wares that have been edited and pared down to only the best of the best. The prices are friendly, too, plus buying preloved and knowing you can swap it out later for something different is motivation in itself.

“We don’t really have any criteria when we take clothes from people, but of course we like things to be on-trend and in season,” says Chaffin. ”We also encourage people to come in with an accumulation of clothing, as opposed to one or two things. That way, as the seller, you get your money’s worth.”

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