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We're Hiring In Vancouver, Apply Here
We're Hiring In Vancouver, Apply Here

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 By Sigred Forberg, Metro News Vancouver, March 27, 2014

Jigme Love

Founder, Mine & Yours


After living in Los Angeles, where the buy-sell-trade concept is common, Jigme Love decided to bring the model to Vancouver. Her resale shop, Mine & Yours is a place where women can purchase, sell or trade their gently used clothing. Love emphasizes the business aspect of giving women the chance to recycle and find good homes for items that might otherwise collect dust in the back of their closets. The trouble with the fashion industry, Love explains, is the amount of waste it produces, which the shop aims to help negate as much as possible. "Mine & Yours helps reduce wast by extending the life of great pieces that are still in style and encouraging people to buy used clothing over new," says Love. 

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