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By Rina, And She Dressed, Monday June 16th

What could be more exciting than finally taking home that Chanel bag you can't stop thinking about? Taking it home for a fraction of the cost! If you're wondering how this may be possible, visit Mine and Yours in downtown Vancouver. Mine and Yours is a trendy woman's resale shop that specializes in designer clothing and accessories. Find everything your little heart could ever desire from Wilfred, Juicy Couture and BCBG to Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin! 

Jigme and Courtney, founder and co-founder of Mine and Yours, recognized the market for designer resale items while living in Los Angeles, California. After moving back to Vancouver, both women realized that no such market existed in their community and together they created a business plan to appease the Vancouver shopper. 

Mine and Yours opened their doors in October 2013, providing women with a platform to buy, sell and trade their gently-used and new designer items. The hassle of consignment shopping was also eliminated by the store's policy of paying cash or store credit up-front, rather than having sellers wait for their items to be sold.

Inventory is re-stocked three time a week to ensure a wide variety of luxurious items are offered throughout the store. Shoppers have the ability to purchase designer items that are up to 75 % off their retail value! 


When I found out that such a shop existed in my community, I knew I had stop by. My girlfriend Nadine and I made a day of it and had a blast playing dress-up in their shop.

Don't allow the quaint size of the shop fool you! The options and assortment of items are diverse and endless! Even my photographer, Alanna couldn't leave without picking something up for herself!


Nadine and I with co-founder Courtney.









Stay tuned for tomorrow's post to see how I styled an assortment of outfits from Mine and Yours for both Nadine and I! 
Photography by Alanna Milaney

Nadine and I loved playing dress-up at Mine and Yours. We wanted to share some of our favourite outfit selections from our recent trip there.
Nadine and I felt like we were ready to attend an English wedding. Westminster Abbey here we come!
Mine and Yours also carries brand new sample pieces from Los Angeles. Nadine and I were in love with this tribal-inspired pattern featured on these shorts and romper.
Looking for a vintage Chanel? Mine and Yours has you covered!
I'm dying over this citron coloured dress with scalloped sleeves! How cute does Nadine look in it with her bright shoes and pastel necklace? I'm pictured carrying another one of their fabulous Chanel purses.
All of the above outfits and more can be found at Mine and Yours in downtown Vancouver or on their online website. Happy shopping!
Photography by Alanna Milaney
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