- Earn Money by Consigning or Reselling your Clothes at Consignment and Resale Stores

Three Ways to Reset Your Finances this Fall

Mine & Yours was honoured to be mentioned in Mogo's advice on how to jumpstart your financial behaviour for Fall.

Here are Mogo's Tips:

1. Set Your Goals

Create an inspirational vision board of the things and lifestyle you want to work towards. Then, start saving! 

2. Sell Your Things at Consignment or Resale Shops

Go through your closets and make some dough on the stuff you don't want by consigning your items or selling them to a fashion reseller like Vancouver's premier resale shop, Mine & Yours! Mine & Yours pays cash up front for designer and luxury clothes and accessories. No need to wait for your items to sell (on consignment).

Mine & Yours pays cash up front for select designer and luxury clothing and accessories. Come in on any Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday, to sell to us. Check out our "How it Works" tab to learn more.  

3. Avoid Credit Card Interest

Save credit cards for emergencies only. Use cad or a prepaid Visa card for purchases to avoid having to pay interest on a credit card balance. 

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