How to be Stylish by Shopping Thrift, Consignment, or Resale Stores in Vancouver - by The Style Saver

By Tina Braumberger


We recently had Vancouver-based fashion blogger, Elizabeth Manuntag of The Style Saver, come by our store and pull pieces to style her latest post, "Hand Me Down." In regard to the ways of our luxury resale boutique, Elizabeth noted that, "It wasn't only a money saver, but it paved the way for a new-found way of sustainable living."

Check out The Style Saver! Below is her post featuring Prada Pumps and De Luxe Jacket from yours truly, Mine & Yours.

By Elizabeth Manuntag, The Style Saver, October 2nd 2014

I’ve recently come to the realization that in the last 2 months, for the exception of a pair of Target pumps and an H&M sweater I bought in a pinch, I’ve barely bought any new clothing, shoes, or accessories. If I wasn’t diligently reading fashion and style blogs, I wouldn’t know what’s out there for the fall season because I haven’t been to the mall to shop in a long while. I’ve been mainly thrifting, consigning, and swapping.

Being the youngest of 2 girls and one of the youngest amongst a whack of cousins, I know a thing or two about hand-me-downs; nary a piece of clothing wasn’t once worn by my sister or one of my older female cousins. Luckily, my relatives have a wicked sense of style so I never complained about it. Accepting preloved goods became a part of my adult life as well: when I moved out on my own, almost every piece of furniture was donated to me by a friend or family member. For me, it wasn’t only a money-saver, but paved the way for a new-found way of sustainable living.

This adorable ribbon-embellished jacket and black pumps are from Mine and Yours, a Vancouver-based and online luxury consignment shop that supports this notion that I’ve embodied my whole life by buying, trading, and selling in preloved goods. I’ve quickly learned that there is a huge and supportive sustainable fashion community here in Vancouver, which is super cool and even more encouraging for me to continue this lifestyle. I especially love it when I see others living it by donating, thrifting, or consigning. Fashion shouldn’t ever have to unnecessarily break the bank or become something you feel like you can never keep up with, and I’m glad I’ve discovered a way that doesn’t make me feel like that anymore.

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