Brix and Bows Tips on Consignment Shopping in Vancouver

By Alysa of Brix and Bows 

Brix and Bows has some great tips for how to get the most out of consignment shopping. 


Left: Giuseppe Zanotti Boots retail $900, found and purchased at Mine & Yours for $177 + taxes

Right: Christian Loubotins retail $695, found and purchased at Turnabout for $139 + taxes

After this weekend’s successful consignment haul, I thought I would share my tips and tricks for hunting down the best deals. Shopping is something I do regularly, which means my wallet usually feels the pinch. To avoid over spending but still adding to your wardrobe and keeping current I would suggest heading to a consignment store. We have some amazing ones in Vancouver. Below are my top tips on how to find the best consignment deals in the city!

1. Do your research; I’m still finding new consignment stores around the city that sell brands and clothes that I love. I research mainly by being a creep on instagram, searching on google and asking friends and family.

Here’s a list of my favourite consignment stores in Vancouver:

Front & Company
Turnabout (Broadway, Main & South Granville)
Mine & Yours
Once Again

2. Follow your favourites on instagram, most of the stores on the list above have great instagram accounts….almost too good. Some of them also offer online shopping! They post up their new items with prices to take the groundwork out of deciding which store to go to get the items you want, this also means you have to act fast. If something is on instagram it’s usually gone within 48 hours. I would suggest making a list of things you’re lusting for as well as how much you would pay for each item and then keeping your eyes peeled.

3. Patience & Diligence, just like shopping in Aritzia or Urban Outfitters you might have to go hunting or wait for new stock to come in to find what works for you. The same goes for consignment store hunting, merchandise comes in regularly so don’t be afraid to go every weekend to check out the new arrivals.

4. Have a focus, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed when consignment shopping. The store isn’t broken up my collection or colour it’s done by item. When you head into a consignment store, knowing what you want to walk out with is key, whether it’s shoes, tops or pants try to focus per item to help you avoid getting overwhelmed. This weekend was all about shoes; I scored some great deals not wasting time in the tops or pants section.

5. Have little to no expectations, consignment shopping can be discouraging but it can be even more disheartening when you go in with high expectations. Try to keep an open mind finding the perfect garment or accessory will be much easier.

Consignment store shopping is incredibly rewarding and if you use the tips above you’ll be shopping like a pro in no time!

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